New Rides And Events Coordinator

New Rides And Events Coordinator

Author: slowleego

Created: April 22, 2024, 8:21 p.m.

Good evening, Disciples! The DOD is excited to announce that Sean Fitzpatrick has taken over as Rides and Events Coordinator on the DOD Board! There are LOTS of rides and trips being planned for this coming year, including a family campout weekend at Lava Lake and a destination ride on another weekend, as well as social meetups, Happy Rides, and more. Here’s Sean’s introduction – give him a big welcome:


My name is Sean Fitzpatrick and I am stepping into the role of Rides and Events Coordinator. First off, I love bikes! I initially got into road biking mainly as part of triathlon, while I was in college, but didn’t really try mountain biking until I moved to Oregon in 2019. After seeing all the amazing single track offerings near me, I finally bought my first full suspension bike in 2021 and from then on I have tried to ride my bike every day that I possibly can. I am passionate about the sport of mountain biking and I love the community and stoke that mountain biking brings with it. I really love riding steep, difficult trails and have recently enjoyed pushing myself to work on bigger jumps and drops, but I am honestly just as happy to pedal some calm miles on XC trails or have laid back social rides. When I’m not riding, I work as an ER nurse and recently my wife, Morgan, and I welcomed our first child, who I cannot wait to introduce to the community through Kid’s rides and other fun events. I enjoy doing trail work and helping out at as many DOD events as possible and I’m stoked to be able to do so in an official capacity. See you on the trails!

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