February Board Meeting

Feb. 1, 2024, 10:09 p.m.

DOD Board Meeting Minutes 

Innovation Hub – 942 Olive St. Eugene 

February 19th, 2024 

Commenced 6:37 pm 

1. Public Forum: Adam Steffen – Oregon Trail Coalition working on recreational immunity. Short  session this time around, looking for band-aid fix this time around. OMBC and DOD signed a  letter of support for the recreational immunity legislation.  

2. Position reports:  

A. Chair (Lee): Coordinating with Peter and BLM re: Whypass clearance. Working on DOD  website – he'll be streaming this evening about the website. Colin Lancaster, developer of  the Team Dirt website, streamed online for Q & A on the proposed website. He quoted  $2000 for the build. Vote was unanimous for present members.  

B. Vice Chair (Austin Larson): Possibility of happy ride at Mountain of the Rogue – I'm racing  there this spring.  

C. Treasurer (Tom Wright): Absent. Board currently looking for a replacement. Lee to put an  notice on social media so people know there's an opening. Shawn Litson also expressed  interest.  

D. Secretary (Jeff Green): Rolf Prima hasn't come back with a good date for a film night. Need  to get out to woods and take photos for new website.  

E. Trail Work (Peter O'Toole): Two WP trail work parties in last two week. Derek Bell helped out  to work on tread work at WP. Cloverpatch work going on this Sunday, WP on Saturday.  

F. PR/Marketing (Ben Hansen): Still sending IG posts, including which trails are now open at  Whypass. Can also include still-existing trail hazards.  

G. Rides/Events: Sean Fitzpatrick – April 19-21 is Barbie Camp. Will post an ACM date once this  weekend's Whypass work is completed. Will look at creating a happy ride for Mountain of  the Rogue.  

Concluded: 7:45pm