Happy Ride - Vintage Style!

Event Date : 
Sun, 08/06/2017 - 10:00am
Carpenter Bypass Trail System (Whypass)

Greetings DoD'ers!

This is no typical Happy Ride, this is a VINTAGE Happy Ride! That's right - it's time to channel Missy Giove or Tinker Juarez, play some grunge, pump up those tubes, wear your vintage things, or just be "vintage" yourself and meet us at the upper parking lot with your vintage bikes if you've got 'em.

Anyone is welcome to join, vintage or not! The smiles will be wide and the stems will be long. Bonus cool points for those with friction shifters, crocheted riding gloves, Hite Rite dropper posts, or early generation Rock Shox/Manitou forks.

Roll-out time 10am from the South Parking lot (the new one, not the old "Pile" lot). We'll ride for a couple hours or so and then circle the Antelopes, Stumpjumpers, and Hoo Koo E Koo's back to the parking lot. Bring your chairs and snacks to share for after-ride R&R and show-n-tell, Ride Leader will bring the grill and beverages.


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