Proposed Ridgeline/Baldy Connector Trail

Mountain bikers in Eugene to get a new section of trail 

The Eugene Parks Foundation, with its subsidiary Friends of the Ridgeline, has joined an alliance with the Disciples of Dirt, the Obsidians, and the Parks and Open Space Division of the City of Eugene to realize a missing link segment of the Ridgeline Trail System that will eliminate the need to ride on Dillard Road when connecting the Headwaters/Fox Hollow sections of trail to the Mt. Baldy trail. This new half mile segment of trail will become even more critical in the future with eventual development of trails and park facilities in Suzanne Arlie Park east of Baldy and further connection to Mt. Pisgah.


The general location of the proposed trail (shown in blue on the map below) will be a multi-use trail, perhaps with separation of biking and hiking uses where possible. Exact specifications will be completed this year, leading to a proposal to the State of Oregon Recreation Trail grant program. The City of Eugene and other members of the alliance will raise matching funds and in-kind donations to demonstrate community participation in trail completion.


Construction of the trail segment is anticipated for the summer of 2013 with volunteers from the DOD to complete a large part of the trailwork. Stay tuned for updates.


High School Work Party and Ride

The Cottage Grove High School Mountain Bike team announced their presence and intentions with authority early on in the trail work season at WhyPass. They showed on a cold and blustery fall day with promises of hard work and improved trails. They didn’t disappoint on either account. The team made the reopening of HE possible in just one day’s work. What looked like a lost cause due to a clear cut was a riding success by day’s end. These young mountain bikers bring enthusiasm, hard work and a great spirit to the trails.


Christmas Toy Drive

We continued our tradition of gathering and donating toys to the Jasper Mountain program this year. This marked our fourth year and the pile of toys gets bigger every year! Many thanks are owed to many Disciples for giving yet again. We have to remember there’s life outside of mountain bikes and the latest shiny bit to hang on our whips ... and Disciples, you do a good thing every year. The Jasper Mt. Staff were very excited as always and one of the managers was heard saying “They remembered us again! They rock!”  You do rock DOD ... you do!




New Singletrack Planned for Springfield

The DOD is partnering up with Willamalane Parks and Rec department in Springfield, Oregon to develop a new network of trails. Current plans are for the possible routing of a short singletrack loop in the Georgia-Pacific property sitting adjacent to Clearwater Park and will be accessible from the new Middle Fork paved bike path. This new loop will be youth and beginner friendly. We hope to continue talks and look at constructing a pump track at some point but that is not in the first round of talks. Bob Keefer the head of Willamalane is interested in adding pump tracks elsewhere in Springfield but does not know where yet. Stay tuned for more developments.


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