USFS recognizes DOD's outstanding contribution to volunteerism.

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In grateful appreciation…

That is how the U.S. Forest Service feels about the Disciples of Dirt, greatly applicative. You Disciples deserve a pat on the back for your continued dedication and commitment to this club and the trail systems that we and so many others enjoy.

While the trail maintenance season is coming to a close this weekend on upper Alpine, stay tuned for invites to this summer’s trail “building” sessions. What, trail building!?! Yes, Flat Creek is in the works currently with an extension both top and bottom, the Cloverpatch extension is currently in the comment period, and the Alpine connection (bottom of Jedi to Windy Pass) is being drafted now.

Through tireless dedication of people just like you in the trenches and behind the scenes, confidence gets built in a groups (DOD’s) abilities. It wasn’t but just a few years ago that the FS would have snickered at the thought of a bicycle club taking the lead building trails…now we are asked for help. Nice friggin work!

It does take more than swinging a hoe though to make things happen and DOD still has an empty board position. If you feel the time is right for you to step up and be part of the group of directors that shapes the face of this great club, please step forward. Even if serving as a board member is not what you want to do, there are many other committees and tasks that we could use your help with.

Thank you all for what you do…you are all pretty rad!

Shawn Litson

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Excellent work and effort Disciples...excellent work. Thank you!



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