IMBA Advanced Trail Building School Summary

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37 highly energized and motivated trail builders from all over Oregon joined the DOD and IMBA at Whypass this past weekend for some advanced trail building instruction. Saturday began with a refresher course in the classroom until lunch. Class broke and everyone reconvened at The Gift Zone trails at Whypass. Here there was a quick safety talk and introductions on what would be covered over the next day and a half.

Jason Wells, a member of IMBA's hotshot trail crew, led of the instruction with some expert examples of Mini-Ex driving and berm construction. His thousands of hours of time in this machine were immediately evident as the mini-ex arm moved like an extention of Jason's hand. Students were then allowed time on the machine to learn the ropes. DOD's very own Paul Timm has some time in this machine from a previous life and our grant on Crawfish so he stayed with the crew on the mini-ex to provide additional instruction time. Everyone who wanted had a chance to run the mini-ex! 

Sunday started off early in the field with discussion of berm contruction and line placement. Crews then separated with teams moving on to rock work, others continuing with machine work and still others working with the ST 240. If you don't know what the ST 240 is, do yourself a favor and look it up immediately! Many thanks to Barrett Brown for volunteering his time and machine to the class:

Sunday ended with 8 large pizzas from Track Town Pizza. Many thanks to these great folks for their donation!

As an outsider to the class I can say that I was truly jealous of all the fun that was had this weekend. I think the giant smile on Mic Coleman's face shows a small slice of this excitement. Next time one of these classes rolls along I will surely be enrolled!

Thanks to IMBA, BLM, and all the chapter members who made the journey to join us in Lorane!


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